The Shuffler

For people who are interested in thinking about the concept of stereo, this is a good introduction to one of Blumlein’s original ideas about it called “Stereo Shuffling”.

  1. Fabio Riccardi says:

    This is very interesting, and I’m sure that you are aware that there are several implementations of shuffling out there, including one in iTunes, but I have never really found any that actually worked well enough to actually listen to.
    What was your point about this article?
    – Fabio

  2. Hi Fabio,

    Personally, I use processing techniques that are loosely related to stereo shuffling often. I agree with you on the one hand – I have never heard a generic implementation of a stereo shuffler that can be deployed across different products and playback situations and be expected to work well. (Then again, turning the bass up to 5 on a particular player, or choosing the “Piano” or “Small Speakers” preset on a player’s built-in equaliser won’t work well for all headphones, loudspeakers and situations either…)

    However, as a general processing framework that is customised for a specific product or situation, stereo shuffling can provide some excellent solutions.


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