1. Thanks! I’ll pass it on, since my fraction of the credit for this one could be measured in the parts per million…


  2. Performance-wise, how would does the Avant compare to the Beovision 11?

    I own a Beovision 11 since last November and it sounds fantastic. The Avant sounded great during a demo, too, but I’m especially amazed by it because it doesn’t have the same footprint as the BV11. The BV11 seems to have much more space for speakers than the Avant, but instead it’s the Avant that comes out on top with 3 channels and dual woofers.

    How did you achieve this and is there a difference in terms of power output between the two TVs? Besides the center channel, what are the differences between the two sets in terms of audio tech?

  3. Hi,

    Firstly, thanks for the compliment on the BV11!

    This is a difficult question to answer since the BV11 and the Avant are so different in loudspeaker driver configuration.

    The BV11 has two identical built-in loudspeakers, each comprised of a tweeter, midrange and woofer (and, in the case of the 55″, a port on the woofer).

    The Avant has three identical channels, each comprised of a tweeter and midrange. In addition, there are two woofers (a smaller one in the front and a larger one in the back) that are shared by the three channels. The two woofers overlap each other in part of their frequency ranges – but they are not producing the same signal. In addition, the signals sent from the L, C, and R channels to the woofers are different due to differing sound designs on the C and the L/R channels. It may be interesting to note that the rear woofer on the Avant is identical to the one we use in the BeoLab 12 series. However, it is, of course, in a different cabinet with a different enclosure volume and with a different amplifier, and therefore a different tuning – so they are not directly comparable at all.

    And, of course, the televisions have different amplifiers fed by different power supplies and have different sound tunings…

    So, there is no real answer to your question. There is no question that the Avant can play low frequencies louder than the 11 – however, this is only obvious if you turn up the volume setting until the ABL of the two televisions start working. We did not tune the Avant to sound like it has more bass than the 11 in “normal” daily use (for music, tv, and movies). However, the Avant was also not tuned to sound like the BV11. They certainly have different sound “fingerprints” – and you may prefer one over the other.

    I know that this doesn’t answer your question very well. If it’s not specific enough, please let me know and I’ll try to to a better job of answering. :-)


  4. I missed your answer and only read it now. I’m satisfied with the answer. You did a great job on both the TVs. Still impressed by the BV11, even when listening to music.

  5. Hi,
    I’m thinking about replacing my TV with a newer model. I really don’t care much about picture quality; sound is what really drives me…

    In my 5.1 setup I’m using a BeoLab 10 as centre channel.
    How would the sound of a BV11 or Avant compare to it?

  6. Hi Dante,

    This is a very tough question to answer, partly because they’re VERY different loudspeakers, partly because I’ve never done a back-to-back comparison.

    Ignoring the differences in the loudspeakers, the processing in the BV11/Avant is significantly better than that in the BeoSystem 3 – so you should not forget that in your considerations.

    I would suggest that you ask the forum at beoworld.org for their opinions about this…