1. Millemissen says:

    This would mean, that if you have an array of loudspeakers, you will be able to control the sound/the behaviour of the sound a lot more than from from just one speaker (that is, if you can adress each speaker in the array individually).
    Now, this is getting interesting!

  2. Hi MM,

    You’re right – except that, normally, loudspeakers are so far apart that they start having a rather chaotic behaviour in what would be a useful frequency range.

    However, on the other hand, if you put them close together enough for the wavelengths in question, then you can control the directivity of the array by changing the phase & amplitude relationships of the drivers at different frequencies with customised filters… Which is exactly what is happening in BeoLab 90 and BeoLab 50…


  3. Millemissen says:

    Hi Geoff,
    and that was exactly what I meant.
    Apart from in the actual 50/90 BL’s, this could be used in a tv speaker as well…
    …if I understand it right.