1. Wow. Does this explain the laurel-yanni thing?

    I have posted recently how fretted I would be by anyone who did not hear laurel, until my wife, whose hearing is fully acute (believe me), told me how regularly she heard yanni, and it was not only confirmation bias.

    OT, Geoff, are you guys really moved to India?? What work is being done in Denmark?

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know about the laurel-yanni thing of which you speak… Someone said something like this at work yesterday, but I was paying attention to someone else at the time.

    I don’t about the India thing either. I still work in Denmark – as do all the people I sit with every day… I’m curious as to where you heard the rumour – and what, exactly, you heard.


  3. You should check it out, it is quite extraordinary that a significant number of people do *not* hear the clear ‘laurel’, including individuals with acute and experienced and reliable hearing. I have not read a really good explanation for it, even the FR-based ones.


    Someone in a Facebook audio group posted the India thing, and when you went to the En website (other than Careers), a great many pages were instantly redirected to B&O India, all of which is fixed now. Whew.

  4. Thanks. I’ll check it out.

    If B&O is moving to India, no one’s told me. And I don’t see a “for sale” sign on the front of the house… Maybe I should ask my boss on Tuesday, just in case :-) (Monday’s a holiday in Denmark).


  5. Geoff,
    Thanks for sharing – I had the same initial hearing test diagnosis. i.e. that I probably had difficulty hearing/seperating voices in noisy social situations. Check. From a music listening perspective, the quality and purity of treble is significantly impacted.

    Anyway, the article captires perfectly what it’s like to first experience and then discover the real underlying cause.