1. Mike Vogelius says:

    Er det noget du evt. også vil gå i dybden med! Can you not explain the differences from 1 to 2nd H6 to us?

  2. Samu Tyrväinen says:

    New version!!! Must not buy, must not buy…
    Why haven’t you promoted it, as the reviewer pointed out?

  3. Hi Samu,

    I don’t work in the marketing department (although I do help them with technical questions), so I can’t answer your question.


  4. Samu Tyrväinen says:

    Ok. Listened them today, great work again. Although I still slightly prefer my original H6. They’ve become my reference comparison to everything.

  5. hi Samu,

    Thanks! There are only VERY small differences between the H6 Mk2 and the Mk1. We decided to lift the low end a small amount, mostly to compensate for background noise in mobile situations – but not enough to make them boomy or muddy…


  6. I haven’t heard the new MK2 but I have an old MK1 bought 2 years ago and a new MK1 bought some months ago, there are definitely differences between these two as well which I wouldn’t just put off on softer ear pads or stiffer pads for the new one. The new ones sounds exactly as the MK2 is described here, slightly elevated bass and smoothed out mids… I wonder what the reason might be. As I am continuously using the new one these pads should be “burned in” as well, but when comparing them now, the differences are exactly the same like it was at the very beginning when I compared them.

  7. Hi Oluv,
    There are at least three reasons that might account for your perceived change:
    – changes in foam softness/fit as you mentioned
    – manufacturing tolerance differences in overall sensitivity
    – manufacturing tolerance differences in magnitude response

    Of course, when it comes to an electromechanical device such as a pair of headphones, there are always small differences between any two instances of the same product. This is the same reasons microphone manufacturers offer “matched pairs” of microphones (at an additional cost, of course).

    So,there are small differences between any two pairs of H6 mk1’s (or any other two pairs of headphones from any manufacturer, for that matter). And, in this instance, it might be that the new pair that you’ve auditioned is more like the descriptions of the mk2.

    That said, and as I’ve already mentioned, the mk2 does have a different construction than the mk1 – and the changes in magnitude response that people are describing were intentional…


  8. Thanks a lot Geoff, you are the most reliable blogger for sure.
    Obviously I will have to check out the new H6 version too, although my old one sounds perfectly balanced with bass for me, but I also understand your argument of more bass boost needed due to higher ambient noise.

    Another question to you and please be honest. You probably noticed the new Dali Katch, it looks like a copy of the Beoplay A2. Can you tell me if this is really a rip-off or is it some kind of collaboration between B&O and Dali?
    Under the hood the same driver layout, even the battery compartment has the same cover:

    Bye, O.

  9. Hi O,
    I’ve seen the Katch – but I cannot comment further than that.
    Thanks for the nice compliment, by the way… :-)

  10. Ok, I see thanks anyhow, just one other question: You cannot because you don’t know, or you are not allowed to?