Test tracks: Multichannel (5.x)

Important Note: 5.x Multichannel music is recorded to be played with 5 matched full-range loudspeakers and no subwoofer. So, if you’re listening to these, turn off your sub and your bass-management system. If this means that you lose all of your bass, then you should buy better loudspeakers… ;-)

Artist: Pink Floyd

Album: Dark Side of the Moon (Hybrid SACD)

Track: All of them… in sequence… in the dark…

Label: EMI

Why: Because you’ve probably been listening to the stereo (or mono!) downmix of this for 50 years and it’s about time that you heard what it originally sounded like… (If you REALLY want to do it right, turn off the centre front loudspeaker and the subwoofer (assuming that you’ve got good main speakers).)

Artist: Seal

Album: Best | 1991 – 2004 (DVD-Audio)

Track: Kiss from a Rose

Label: Warner

Artist: Hillary Hahn & The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Album: Bach – Concertos (Hybrid SACD)

Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Artist: Claire Martin

Album: Linn Selektions: The Super Audio Surround Volume (Hybrid SACD)

Track: Black Coffee

Label: Linn Records

Why: This is a great mix – all of the instruments are controlled, but not overly so. Lots of frequency bands have equal representation. A good all-around track for testing.

Artist: Various

Album: The Super Audio Surround Collection, Volume 2 (Hybrid SACD)

Label: Linn Records

Artist: Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier

Album: Arvo Pärt: De Profundis (Hybrid SACD)

Label: Harmonia Mundi

Artist: Various

Album: Super Audio CD Sampler (Hybrid SACD)

Label: Pentatone Classics

Artist: Steely Dan

Album: Everything Must Go (DVD-Audio)

Label: Reprise

Track: Godwhacker