B&O Tech: The Beogram 4002 Design Story

#53 in a series of articles about the technology behind Bang & Olufsen products

I was cleaning up around my desk over the past week and I came across a booklet called the “Beogram 4002 Design Story” published by Bang & Olufsen in 1975. Briefly reading through it, I thought that there was a lot of general information in there that would be worth sharing for people interested in turntables. So, I got permission to post it as a PDF here. Click here to download the file.




  1. Renato Colicigno says:

    Hi Geoff…
    I’l use this paper like an example in my project design guidelines presentation.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Peter McEvedy says:

    An interesting paper, though I think it is a marketing tool really. No mention about the 4000 which predates it, and the advantages of the DC motor were largely cost driven. It was a very successful redesign though as sound quality was much the same but the cost of production much less. I did like the MMC6000 mention though – my favourite cartridge, though unfortunately prone to wear. Very good record cleaner though! Subir Pramanik’s wife worked in customer relations for B&O – and very helpful she was! You will probably know if she is still there – it has been a few years since I had contact with her.