Jinhao X750 modifications

This weekend’s project was slightly different. I’ve been trying to teach myself Spencerian penmanship lately, using fountain pens with semi-flexible nibs such as a Pilot “Orient” inkstopper-type that I bought pre-cleaned up at Eurobox.

In addition to this, I’ve been buying up old dip pen nibs at flea markets, and watching videos like this one

Then I read about a bunch of crazy people who do a modification to a new Jinhao X750 using a Zebra Comic G nib. The theory is that this has all of the benefits of a fountain pen (no dipping) with the high flexibility of the Comic G nib. In some cases, people just push the nib right in there, replacing the Jinhao nib.

I figured I’d give this a try – but with a little more finesse… I bought a pack of Deleter Comic G nibs and then removed the nib and feeder of the Jinhao, and then using a Dremel tool, carved the top of the feeder down to match the diameter of the underside of the nib. The cross section below shows a pretty version of what I did. The actual results were less clean…



Then I cleaned up the fins by pulling an X-acto knife backwards through each slit, since the Dremel pulled the plastic together and sealed up the tops of the slits under the nib.

The end result is shown below, next to an original “stock” X750.




The end result







Montblanc No 2 pencil

I suspect that this pencil was black once-upon-a-time, since it’s made of ebonite (hard rubber) which turns greenish-brown when it gets too wet for too long. It’s a No.2 Montblanc twist-action mechanical pencil that uses 1.18 mm leads (these are difficult to find these days – but I found some 4B leads at this store. This store also has them.) The pencil was made sometime around 1930 or so. Some more information can be found on this page, for example.