1. Haha, not a big fan of vinyl I guess? Don’t worry, neither am I. I had to argue with an ex-boss when she commented on a post I had made (linking to an article about why CDs/High-Res sound better than vinyl) that she knew for a fact vinyl was superior. Yeeesh.

  2. Millemissen says:

    Vinyl can be nice, IF you like – or even prefer – what the medium vinyl (and the record player etc) adds to the recording, that you are listening to.
    However, if your preference is to come as close as possible to, what was ‘signed off’ by the mastering engeener (and sometimes the artist and the record company), you will definitely find the reproduction via a filebased setup (CDs/High-Res sound) to be superiour.

    It is no use to argue against ‘the vinyl/s’ – if somebody wants to listen to music that way, it is his preference.

    But I must confess, I am a bit envious – I can’t do things like, what is seen in the video with my sound setup ;-(