Record label discovery of the week

After 12 years in Denmark and I finally stumbled upon this – due to a review in Gramophone magazine…

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 13.51.54


I placed an order for the multichannel SACD of Rued Langgard’s String Quartets (vol 2) by the Nightingale String Quartet. Looking forward to hearing it!

  1. Millemissen says:

    Why not the 24/96 FLAC version?
    Seems to be the origin of the recording.

    Isn’t that multichannel as well?
    The homepage is not very informative about that.


  2. Unfortunately, their site lacks information about how many channels are on their recordings.

    I emailed to find out that all of their SACD’s are multichannel. I assume that this means a multichannel recording – and not an upmix.

    I’ll email again and as about how many channels are in the FLAC files.


  3. Just got an email from DaCapo. Their download files are 2.0.

    Seems that they’re like Linn Records
    – 2.0 high resolution downloads and
    – multichannel SACD physical media.


  4. Millemissen says:

    Forcing us to stay with a physical disc, then….
    …and to have the original files converted to DSD.

    That’s a pity!

  5. Lawrence J. Cook says:

    Geoff – or Millemissen – may I ask how I would replay a multichannel SA-CD on my BV9? Would I need to get perhaps a Blu-Ray disc player that would do the decoding and feed the multi-channel PCM to the BeoSystem 3 via HDMI?
    Kind regards,

  6. Hi Lawrence,

    Your assumption is correct. If you have a Blu-ray player that can convert the DSD signal on the SACD to a multichannel PCM (This is a quite normal feature on multi-disc players) and set its menus to do so, then the BeoSystem 3 can receive the signal on the HDMI and play it.


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