Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 Reviews



I was part of the development team, and one of the two persons who decided on the final sound design (aka tonal balance) of the B&O BeoLab 18 loudspeakers. So, I’m happy to share some of the blame for some of the comments (at least on the sound quality) from the reviews.


Bernard Dickinson at Live Magazines said:

The sound reproduction is flawless”


Lyd & Billede’s August 2014 review said

“Lydkvaliteten er rigtig god med en åben, distinkt og fyldig gengivelse, som ikke gør højopløste lydformater til skamme.” (The sound quality is very good with an open, clear and detailed reproduction, which do not put high-resolution audio formats to shame.)

and ”Stemmerne er lige klare og tydelige, hvad enten vi sidder lige i smørhullet eller befinder os langt ude i siden. Det er faktisk ret usædvanligt og gør, at BeoLab 18 egner sig lige godt til både baggrundsmusik og aktiv lytning” (The voices are crisp and clear, whether we are sitting right in the sweet spot or far off to the side. It’s actually quite unusual and makes the BeoLab 18 equally suited for both background music and active listening)

  1. Hi Geoff.
    Completely off topic but I might as well ask.
    Once the Transmitter 1 arrives, I am considering adding a BL 19 to the wireless set up..
    Will the T1 send just the correct frequencies to the 18’s and 19?
    What I mean is, will the bass frequencies be handled entirely by the BL 19 and the BL 18’s handle just the mid-high frequencies?
    Or will the BL 18’s perform as they are now but, with the added dimension of the BL 19 lower frequency response?

  2. Hi Ivan,

    The T1 will automatically configure itself to do the bass management, re-routing the low end out of the 18’s and into the 19.


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