1. john Budé says:

    Hey Geoff,
    Congrats with your new baby. It looks very beautiful and probably – let’s say obviously – will sound great.
    John Budé
    The Netherlands

  2. The Beolab 50 appears to use a waveguide to control the beamwidth of the high frequencies, a resistive cardioid enclosure to control the beamwidth of the midrange array, and DSP beam steering to control the beamwidth of the low frequency array. Is that correct?

  3. Hi John,

    Close. The tweeter directivity is controlled by a movable waveguide. The midranges and the woofers use DSP-based beam steering, just like in the BeoLab 90.

    – geoff

  4. Millemissen says:

    So, now it is official ;-(
    Congrats to you and the team responsible for this ‘beautiful beast’ ;-)


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