Bang & Olufsen: BeoLab 17 reviews

‘s review (March 2014 edition)

“… the power output is phenomenal. Moreover, the detail is incredible and the tonal balance is spot on. The vocals in Antony & The Johnson’ Twilight are intense, the throb of Jeff Beck’s guitar in So Real resonates sublimely, whilst classical works yield profound levels of clarity. The mi-range is highly detailed, the treble is smooth and accurate, and the bass is rich and velvety. You can push the volume without risk: even at high levels the speakers have plenty in reserve.”



  1. Joao Veiga says:

    The sound of the Beolab 17 is fabulous I have to thank you for the delicious tonal balance in such a small box. I’ve been listening to my music on Beolab 17 for years and I never get tired, I have more sophisticated speakers in my living room (Focal Sopra N1 with Sub) but in the end I prefer your speakers even with simpler drivers and less resolution, for tonal balance. Too bad BL17 went out of line, any plans to launch a successor? Could you post here how the Beolab 28 was developed? I’m looking forward to hearing it in person, the Beolab 90 was the best snare drum I’ve ever heard in my life, magic.