1. Hi Geoff,
    I hope I don’t steal your time with my question, but we once talked about the H6 and I own meanwhile 2 of them (MK1), I really love it and also use it for monitoring of my recordings, and although maybe not completely linear, I simply like it and can judge my recordings pretty well with it.
    Now I got a H7 quite cheap as I wanted something without wires, I was quite shocked about the difference in sound between these two, a completely other sound signature, I assume you were not involved in the tuning of the H7? The sound stage is somehow more narrow, the mids seem scooped out compared to the H6 and also treble has some resonance and sounds a bit thin. I really don’t like it and cannot even recognize my own voice when listening to my recordings.
    I also had a short listen to the H4 and this was much closer to the H6 although with a very strong bass-boost. It sounded as if someone had turned the bass dial to 11. Not sure if this overwhelming bass can be tamed with the B&O app a little bit, but I didn’t manage any improvement for the H7. May I ask if you did some tuning for the H4 as well? Also sound stage appeared quite a bit better to me than on the H7, really more comparable to the H6 if not the strong exaggerated bass.
    Would you suggest me to stay with my H6 and maybe even get a 3rd one as spare and simply forget about wireless, or is there something else I could try which would give me a closer sound to the H6?

    Thanks a lot for your time and best regards,


  2. Hi O.

    I was involved, albeit to different degrees, in the tuning of all the BeoPlay headphones. However, the different models have different targets, or tunings, due principally to the fact that they are intended for different use cases. So, if you like one model’s magnitude response less than another model’s, then you can blame me – at least in part…

    So, my honest advice is that you should use / buy the model that you like and trust most. However, I agree that the weighting of two orthogonal variables like convenience (wireless) and preference for sound design is sometimes difficult… I have the same problem when deciding what to eat – what tastes best to me is usually not very healthful…. ;-)


  3. Martin Krencey says:

    Hello Geoff,

    I had both the MK I and MK II H6s but I gave the MK II to my good friend. I wanted to give him the “better one” thinking I would buy it later again if I miss it too much.

    I noticed the H6 have been taken off of the Beoplay.com website.

    Is there a new one on the way or has this line been cancelled altogether?

    Best regards,

  4. Hi Martin,
    Sorry, but I am only allowed to comment on the technology behind B&O products. I cannot answer any questions related to the market.