Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 reviews



I did the sound design of the three BeoVision 11 variants, but I also had a pretty significant role in the design of the audio signal flow and bass management strategy, including creating the TrueImage algorithm that’s used for up mixing and down mixing of multichannel audio signals.’s review


“Take a listen and all the effort is worthwhile: this is arguably the best sounding flatscreen we’ve ever reviewed. The sound has decent weight and authority, and the kind of clarity that’s usually the province of dedicated audio equipment.”’s review

“You probably won’t be surprised following our description of the BeoVision 11-40’s speaker setup to hear that it sounds unbelievably good by flat TV standards. The clarity and dynamic range of the soundstage is unprecedented, in fact, as gorgeously well-rounded and rich trebles sit side by side with deep, clean and perfectly balanced bass. Even better, though, is the terrifically open nature of the mid-range, which completely avoids the muddy, flat sensation of your average flat TV mid-range, making it a distortion-free friend to action movies and quiet TV shows alike.”’s review

“Let’s keep this simple: the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 produces the best audio performance we’ve ever heard from a TV. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be taking advantage of its various surround sound options. Even if you’re only using the built-in speakers, though, you’ll be enjoying a truly outstanding audio performance. The sheer power the built-in speakers can produce is huge by TV standards, enabling them to deliver a wide, dynamic, beautifully open soundstage that wouldn’t sound out of place on a separates system.”’s review

“Bypassing the selfadjusting algorithms for a second you will find that the Beoviosion 11 is a very potent sound source. There is an excellent depth to the bass and the high frequencies are clear and precise. We had no problems using the TV as a radio through our DVB-C connection (which works quite well by the way) and the sound quality easily matches up to competitors in the soundbar industry. It goes without saying that the low frequencies are not as low as with a dedicated subwoofer, but compared to every other (non-B&O) TV out there, there is no competition at all.”’s review

“Sonically the BeoVision 11-40 is spectacular. Its remarkable speaker array thumps out levels of volume, bass, treble detailing and mid-range openness you won’t have heard from a TV before.”



  1. Sorry, this is a bit off-topic, but it does have to do with the Beovision 11. After the recent update (v1.0.8.36550) I’m having issues with distortion on my Beovision 11:

    It’s very, very slight, but definitely noticeable with my Beolab 9s but also through the TV itself, especially with discerning ears like yours. I’ve verified this on different inputs and on built-in Spotify. The update effectively broke my music system.

    Have you experienced something similar?

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    I read your posting on late this afternoon. My plan was to upgrade one of the reference BV11’s at work tomorrow or Monday and try to duplicate the description of your problem.

    Is it okay if I email you privately to get more info about your source(s) and program materials? That will make it easier for me to dig into this one.


  3. Hello Geoff, sorry for reaching out like this but I was thrilled to find you online and that you actually were the one designing the sound system on the Beovision 11. I have a *46, setup with 4 with Beolab 3’s and a Beolab 2 sub. Amazing compact and great system. Love it!!

    I am reaching out because I was curious to get your opinion and feedback about Tidal and their just released MQA coded Masters material. I was curious how you would suggest to implement this to my system? I been looking at Audioquest Dragon fly which will shortly have a firmware update to du full encoding from the Mac to analog. But if I would go analog into the Beovision 11 I guess it will convert it into digital again for audio management? Any suggestions?

    Finally, I had the pleasure with my company vicoustic to work with B&O on some great setups in Madrid, take a look:

    All the best, Per

  4. Hi Per,

    I don’t, as of yet, have an opinion about MQA because I have not tested it thoroughly enough to form one.

    As to the question of implementation in your system with a BV11, there are a couple of ways to do this – but it depends on what you’re using to run Tidal. If it’s your Mac, then I would connect to the BV11 via a DVI/HDMI instead of going to analogue and back.


  5. Hi,

    Some models of the BeoVision 11 are still being sold by some dealers. The price is dependent on the features you choose to include.