What do Hendrix and Handel have in common?

Jimi Hendrix lived at #23 (the white house) and Handel lived at #25 (next door).

Apart from that, nothing…


Actually, according to this article, Hendrix chose the apartment (at least partly) due to the fact that Handle lived next-door… Note that the article also mentions the expensive bit of kit in the flat…

  1. Peter the biker says:

    There are stories telling that J. Hendrix listened to the Messiah by G. F. Händel played on a BeoGram 1000.

  2. Peter the biker says:

    Or if the Kronos Quartet played it on strings.
    They did it. (Album: “Released 1985 – 1995”)

  3. Millemissen says:

    ‘It would be cooler if Handel listened to Purple Haze on a Beolit 39… :-)’

    Voodoo ;-))

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