1. Millemissen says:

    Where did the ‘good old’ listening panel go?
    You don’t need that anymore for testing the speakers?
    Or wasn’t it just not mentioned in what we saw?


  2. Hi,

    The official Listening Panel still exists, however, they’re not used in the development process at the moment. They’re used for more “basic research” kinds of tasks that run in parallel to the development of the products. However, you’ll note that one of the answers to the questions talks about how various people in the acoustics department take late-prototype models home for testing. You could consider this to be an informal listening panel. We also put the prototypes behind the curtains for some blind listening throughout the process. So, we still use a group of people to collect experiences and opinions through the development process – however, the process of doing so is more informal than it used to be.


  3. Millemissen says:

    I guess I’ll have to listen more carefully next time ;-)
    Thanks for the additional info anyway.

    Greetings MM