what i learned last week

1. there are at least seven things that still confuse scientists. link

2. denmark overfishes 10 times the allowed quota in canadian waters. link

3. abbey road is for sale (the studio, not the actual road… and not the album… well… of course the album is for sale… oh, never mind…) link

4. lights make you honest and oranges make you generous. link

5. swiss banks holding jewish accounts created before ww2 made it exceedingly difficult for the remaining family members to get their money back after the war. link

6. swiss gold coins have been found in the past to have a high mercury content. this is very unusual for refined gold. one explanation is that the coins were made from gold taken from the teeth of nazi prisoners during ww2.

7. the swiss constitution states that it is illegal to confine either a pig or a budgie bird alone. taking 10 minutes to land a fish is considered animal torture, and the country is voting on creating ‘animal lawyers’ to deal with such issues. link

8. tuscans love cats. tuscans love cat. link

9. madeleine albright was born marie jana korbelová in czechoslovakia.

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