what i learned last week

1. in texas, you can go to jail for trying to save people’s lives (by accusing the sheriff’s favourite doctor or being stupid). link

2. murmansk, russia, was changed from a small fishing port to a major industrial centre during the second world war due to the fact that the gulf stream keeps its water warm enough to not freeze during the winter.

3. there is water on saturn’s moon, enceladus. link

4. walter frederick morrison, the originator of one of my favourite religious beliefs, died this week. link and link

5. love stinks. link

6. elephants can walk while they’re running – or is that run while they’re walking? link

7. the rate of kids dropping out of school in denmark is double that of canada.

8. the pope approves of michael jackson. link

9. olivia newton-john’s “physical” is the sexiest song – ever, however, marvin gaye’s “sexual healing” is only the 34th mosy sexy song. link and link

10. in an effort to cut budget, the city of colorado springs is selling its police helicopters. buy them here

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