what i learned last week

1. each american wastes 1400 calories each day. this is about 66% of my recommended daily intake to maintain my current weight. canada is not much different… toronto throws 17,500,000 kg of food in the garbage each month. link

2. the link between a type ‘a’ personality and heart disease was originally identified by an upholsterer. link – check out the episode on stress

3. under the philosophy of “kraft durch freude” or “strength through joy” the nazi’s built a resort called prora on the baltic island of rügen, germany. it consists of 8 buildings, parallel to the beach, approximately 5 km long. it has 10,000 rooms and was designed to accomodate 20,000 guests. it still exists, but is empty. link

4. number of unvaccinated people thus far who have died of h1n1 in denmark: 0. number of people thus far who have died of h1n1 after being vaccinated for it: 2.

5. each month, 60,000 people call onstar to remotely unlock their cars in which they have accidentally left their keys.

6. monsanto was the company that made agent orange. today its pesticide division makes roundup. its gm seed division ensures that its products are “roundup ready” meaning that the plants that grow from those seeds, unlike lots of other plants, will survive being sprayed with the pesticide.

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