My 3 favourite “secret” Mac moves

Okay, okay, they’re not secrets… But it seems that, whenever I do one of these, and a “Mac person” is watching over my shoulder, they ask “how did you do that?”

I’m sure that there are Windows equivalents to all of these – but I’ve lived on a Mac for almost 30 years… Been a long time since I switched from an x86 machine to my brand-new Mac Classic!


Small steps in volume and brightness changes

Before pressing the “volume up” or “volume down” buttons, hold down OPTION+SHIFT. This will give you 4 times as many volume steps.

The same works for screen brightness and keyboard brightness.


Switching Safari tabs

Version 1: COMMAND + number will bring you directly to a tab.

Version 2: COMMAND+SHIFT + left/right arrow keys will move you left and right through your tabs. (Note that this one will not work with some webpages. For example, if you’re editing a WordPress posting, then this function is disabled on that tab.)

Note that, in the Finder, the second of these will work the same. The first will not – COMMAND+number in the Finder will change your view instead…


FIND in open Safari Tabs

  • Open up a bunch of different pages in different tabs in a Safari window
  • Show all tabs (under the VIEW menu)
  • Press COMMAND-F for find
  • Start typing a word – Safari will automatically start showing only the tabs that contain the search word