what i learned last week

1. behind your forehead is the part of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex. this is made of gray matter (the stuff that does the thinking) and white matter (the stuff that connects the gray matter together to send messages around). if you take a bunch of people and put them in an mri scanner, you’ll find that habitual liars have about 25% more white matter than other people.

2. the flynn effect – jim flynn noticed that i.q. scores have been increasing through the 20th century in the industrialised world. a person of average intelligence in 1900 would, today, have an i.q. indicating mental retardation. this is because we as a population are learning to think abstractly.

3. shakespeare is too racy for americans. link

4. there is an underground cave of giant crystals adjacent to a mine in mexico. link link

5. j.d.salinger died. he took part in the battle of normandy.

6. some people feel that it is their right to be able to buy groceries in their pyjamas. link

7. mahatma gandhi was finally buried. well… his ashes were scattered into the ocean, but it took 62 years to do it… link

8. margaret thatcher ate 28 eggs a week as part of a pre-election high-protein diet. link

9. adultery is expensive in malaysia. link

10. men who drink 6 or more 6 oz cups of coffee a day have a 60% reduction in their risk of prostate cancer.

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