what i learned last week

1. the u.s. air force is buying 2200 sony playstation3’s to assemble a linux supercomputer

2. the coriolis effect affects the trajectory of a bullet.

3. better homes and gardens magazine makes about twice as much on advertising as it does on sales and subscriptions.

4. some of the proposed names for ethernet were ‘bulletin board’, ‘parliamentary procedure’, and (my favourite…) ‘lazy susan’.

5. for every finnish woman that dies of lung cancer, two swedish women, two norwegian women and three and a half danish women die of the same disease. denmark has the highest per-capita rate of lung cancer deaths in women of any country in the world.

6. it takes only 6 mA of current going through your heart to kill you.

7. the danish parliament is feckless. link

8. canada’s parliament is no better. link

9. hockey is bad for you. link

10. only five works of art have sold for over $100,000,000. they are by pablo picasso, jackson pollock, willem de kooning, gustav klimt, and andy warhol.

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