Test tracks: Stereo – Treble

Artist: Michela Petri

Album: The Ultimate Recorder Collection

Track: Tartini: Sonata in G Minor – “Devil’s Trill”

Label: RCA Red Seal

Why: This is a wonderfully clean recording – it makes bad tweeters sound really bad…

Artist: Phillip Bush

Album: Ben Johnson: Microtonal Piano

Track: Alarum

Label: Koch

Comments: This is a strange-sounding track because it uses a piano that is tuned differently that that which we’re used to hearing. On the other hand, it means that the harmonics are also tuned differently. If you have any “intermodulation distortion” problems in your tweeters (this is distortion – or junk – that is caused by two different tones affecting each other) then this track will probably make things sound really bad… You should be able to listen to this track and hear a buzzing inside your ears – this is good. If you hear the buzzing in your speakers, you have a problem. Note however, that you might hear some very brief clipping at one point in this track… Just ignore it.