Test tracks: Stereo – Imaging

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Artist: AC/DC

Album: Back in Black

Track: Back in Black

Label: Atlantic

Comments: Okay, so this ISN’T a great recording, but it has some problems that, if you can’t hear them, your system isn’t performing up-to-snuff. One of the things to listen for here is the image location of the high-hat. Listen to the beginning of the tune, close your eyes, and point to the high-hat, but do this before the snare drum comes in. When the snare starts, keep paying attention to the high hat. If your imaging is good, you’ll notice that the high hat pulls towards the centre of your stereo image every time the snare is hit. This is an artifact of the original recording, the result of a technique called “gating” the drums. Normally, the snare drum microphone is “off” and automatically turns “on” when the snare is hit. The problem here is that, when it does turn on, other things (like the high hat) bleed into it, and are pulled to the position of the snare drum microphone.

  1. Samu Tyrväinen says:

    Isn’t the hi-hat going back and forth also in the beginning every other time with the muted guitar?

  2. Samu Tyrväinen says:

    Yes, in Back In Black.

    By the way, thank you for H6. They’ve given me great amount of musical joy during the last year.

  3. Hi again Samu,

    Thanks for your kinds words about the H6. I’ll pass on your comments to the rest of the team. It’s always nice to get a little external validation now and then… ;-)