new stuff i’ve learned

1. changing from helvetica / arial to century gothic can save a business as much as $80 per printer per year due to the thinner lines in the font. link

2. it is illegal for a british monarch to be roman catholic or be married to one. link

3. roman catholics were not permitted to be in the british parliament before 1830 or so. link

4. the fine-structure constant might not be constant throughout the universe. link

5. if you’re planning on going hiking around angry bears, it’s good to be a baseball player with a decent-sized rock in your throwing hand… link

6. in the future, guitars may play themselves. link

7. continuing with a previous post on this subject, almost a quarter-million really old people in japan are probably dead. link

stuff i learned… recently…

1. women in west virginia were not permitted to serve on juries until 1956 – due to a shortage of toilets for them. link

2. female senators in washington had to use the tourists’ toilets because they didn’t have their own until 1993. link

3. men spend between 32 and 47 seconds in a toilet stall. women spend between 80 and 97. link

4. some people will buy anything. link

what i learned last week

1. bees think orchids are sexy. (nsfw) link

2. the #1 cause of people losing their houses in the u.s.a. is bankruptcy resulting from medical bills.

3. the richest 1% of americans have more wealth than the poorest 95% of americans.

4. a person who is sentenced to the death penalty in utah can choose between lethal injection or a 5-person firing squad.

what i learned last week

1. employees at the carlsberg brewery in copenhagen used to be allowed to drink on the job. they staged a walkout because they’re not any more. link

2. douglas schulman, the head of the u.s. internal revenue service, pays someone to do his taxes.

3. 1 in 9 black men in the u.s.a. is in jail. this causes an imbalance, since only 1 in 150 black women in the u.s.a. is in jail, and 96% of black women marry black men in the u.s.a.

4. 45 of the approximately 850 catholic priests in malta have been accused of sexual abuse of children.

5. fruits and vegetables aren’t necessarily good for you. link

what i learned last week

1. in order for a british train to be oficially “late”, it must arrive more than 10 minutes after it should have. in order for a japanese train to be oficially “late”, it must arrive more than 1 minute after it should have.

2. apparently, in some parts of canada, you can stop your mom from being an idiot by throwing a knife at her. link

3. you can’t bribe people into going to church any more. link

4. you should never try to go head-to-head with a giraffe. link

5. in saudi arabia, in 2009, at least 69 people were executed by either beheading or crucifixion. (in saudi arabia, a crucifixion is performed by beheading the person, sewing his head back on his body, and then hanging the re-assembled corpse on a pole for public display for a while.) link

6. saudi arabia is not a recommended vacation destination for self proclaimed psychics. link

7. toads don’t like earthquakes. link

8. shakespeare might have been half-french – but only on april 1… link

9. facebook was someone else’s idea. link

10. magnets can be used to disrupt moral judgements. link

11. dr. seuss usually wrote in anapestic tetrameter, although he occasionally slipped into amphibrachic tetrameter or trochaic tetrameter.

what i learned last week

1. the telephone was invented by the queen of england, luke skywalker was the first man on the moon, and newton invented fire and the internet, he also discovered the solar system and america. link

2. drinking makes you thin. link

3. you can buy sex at an auction. link

4. depression might be good for you. link

4a. typically, mental illnesses affect about 1% of the population. depression, however, affects between 20% and 40% of the population.

5. although the united states is not the land of the free, it is certainly the home of the brave… link