Danish prices… Part 1..

So, just to air some laundry that we talk about often, I’m going to put some price comparisons showing the difference between what we’re expected to pay for things at the local stores here in Denmark, and what other people are expected to pay for them elsewhere…

This week’s winners were:

A SanDisk ImageMate card reader
– PhotoCare in Holstebro: 299 Kroner
– Amazon.de: just under 13 euro (about 95 Kroner)

5-CD set called “101 Running Songs”
– www.cdon.dk: 269 Kroner
– Amazon.co.uk: GBP 7.99 (about 70 Kroner).

Plain-colour KitchenAid mixer (this is a long-standing complaint at our house…)
– Bilka (Denmark’s equivalent of Walmart): on sale this week for 3389 Kroner (510 Kroner off!)
– Walmart in Canada: just under $290 (1600 Kroner).

new stuff i’ve learned

1. changing from helvetica / arial to century gothic can save a business as much as $80 per printer per year due to the thinner lines in the font. link

2. it is illegal for a british monarch to be roman catholic or be married to one. link

3. roman catholics were not permitted to be in the british parliament before 1830 or so. link

4. the fine-structure constant might not be constant throughout the universe. link

5. if you’re planning on going hiking around angry bears, it’s good to be a baseball player with a decent-sized rock in your throwing hand… link

6. in the future, guitars may play themselves. link

7. continuing with a previous post on this subject, almost a quarter-million really old people in japan are probably dead. link

stuff i learned… recently…

1. women in west virginia were not permitted to serve on juries until 1956 – due to a shortage of toilets for them. link

2. female senators in washington had to use the tourists’ toilets because they didn’t have their own until 1993. link

3. men spend between 32 and 47 seconds in a toilet stall. women spend between 80 and 97. link

4. some people will buy anything. link