BeoLab 50 Reviews

“So how do they sound? Well, after a lengthy listening session in the Struer listening rooms, I had to conclude that these speakers may look (almost) conventional, but they sound anything but. There’s massive bass, seeming unburstable but as tightly controlled as it is extended, and a lovely sense of integration, sweetness and detail in the midband and treble.”

“If the BeoLab 90 saw the company moving back into the audiophile arena, albeit with a speaker whose form-factor was, to say the least, challenging, then the BeoLab 50 may well win it even more fans in the ‘serious audio’ arena, not least due to industrial design making it look like – well, like a pair of speakers.”



  1. Preben Sørensen says:

    I understand from the article that a ‘new Cube’ is planned in Struer. This must confirm that B&O – with you, Geoff, in front I suppose – is focusing further on developing leading capabilities within acoustics. Combining design with new high-end technologies with advanced DSP control etc. as in BL 90 and BL50 is really fantastic and a differentiator compared to traditional high-end speaker companies. The sound quality is remarkable. Hopefully this – supported by good reviews in HIFI magazines – forms basis for branding of B&O as being in front as a loudspeaker company.

    I am really looking forward to see the technologies behind BL90/50 used in future smaller speakers. There is definitely room in B&O speaker range for a BL30 or what the name might be.


  2. Hi Preben,

    From the point of view of someone in the acoustics department – I’m certainly no more “in front” than any of my colleagues. I just sit closer to the window, so I’m a little more visible from the outside world… :-)


  3. Preben Sørensen says:

    Hi Geoff,

    Yes, I am sure you are part of a highly skilled and motivated acoustics department. It is really an improvement – compared to old B&O days – that “someone near the window” is visible to explain the world and brand the technology behind – and not only focusing on design. I am enjoyed.


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