1. Millemissen says:

    When the BeoPlay H6 came out, some people (on Beoworld) claimed that it wasn’t ‘loud enough’.
    When people, who might have 3 years old children, don’t care for protecting of their own ears, how are they supposed to take care of the ears of their kids?

    By the way – how does one test how loud a headphone can play?
    I know that there are ways to limit the volume of an iDevice – but still, it would be interesting for concerning parents/grandparents to know how loud the actual headphones of their kids /grandchildren are.

    Tips for ways to measure welcome ;-)

  2. Hi MM,

    Good point… “Do as I say, not as I do” is a phrase that comes to mind… On the other hand, I’m always happily surprised to see how many kids wear hearing protection at sports events here in Denmark (handball games are a good example…). Not everyone is dumb…

    As to how to measure headphone levels – this is difficult, which means that the answer you’ll get will be wrong, unfortunately… It’s also so heavily dependent on the maximum output voltage of the source that it’s kind of irrelevant unless you measure the whole system.

    My method is just to ask my kids to hand over the headphones so that I can have a listen to what they’re listening to, at the level they’re listening. I have also shown them these two photos, of the hair cells that convert sound to electricity – just to remind them of what kind of damage they’re doing…