Waterman’s 515D

This was the fourth vintage pen that I’ve cleaned up.

When this pen arrived, the button was completely seized due to a completely dried ink sac. Soaking didn’t do much, so the pen had to be dismantled… The problem was that all of my digging online indicated that a Waterman 515 had a friction-fit section. So, in theory, “all” I had to do was to warm up the barrel and pull off the section. I should have known better, since the 515D is a button filler… After two days of patiently soaking and heating (although possibly not enough – I’m still quite new at fountain pen repair and I don’t want to ruin anything worth not ruining…) I decided to step things up a bit. I put on a clean pair of work gloves with rubber fingers and had another go at removing the section. At one point, I tried a little twist, and it started to unscrew. From there, things easily came apart.

The next challenge was to dig out the old ink and sac – although there wasn’t enough left of the sac to be identifiable. Repeatedly soaking, brushing, and careful scraping for about an hour resulted in a nice, clean barrel. The threads on the section were cleaned up with soaking and scrubbing with a soft toothbrush. The shellac was cleaned off the sac nipple with a scalpel and gentle scraping with a fine file.

The nib looks in good shape so I’m hoping that I won’t have to remove it. The feeder has been cleaned out, so there should be good ink flow. Once I get a new sac on there and try it out, I’ll find out whether further cleaning is necessary.



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