Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant Reviews




I was responsible for the final sound design (aka tonal balance) of the loudspeakers built into the BeoVision Avant. So, I’m happy to share some of the blame for some of the comments (at least on the sound quality) from the reviews.


from Home Cinema Choice magazine

“Where the Avant really gets space-age, though, is with … its ability to drive 21 audio channels ”

“This effort by the integrated speakers , together with its unprecedented audio flexibility,makes the Avant the finest sounding TV I’ve ever heard.”



“Even a high-end sound bar would struggle to match the gorgeous finesse the Avant combines with its raw power. The speakers reproduce soundtrack subtleties more precisely and elegantly than any other TV we’ve heard. And they do so no matter how dense the soundstage becomes, and without so much as a hint of treble harshness.”

“Then there’s that rear-mounted subwoofer. We had worried that the way this angled subwoofer fires up and out through an actually quite narrow vent could cause boominess or distortion, but not a bit of it. Instead very impressive and well-rounded amounts of bass meld immaculately into the bottom end of the wide mid-range delivered by those terrific left, right and centre speakers.”



Compared to all other TVs on the market (non-B&O) there is no competition. Sound is so much better. However, we also have to point out that the TV did not receive the best conditions for a proper audio demonstration.

  1. Tahir Uysal says:

    Well done you :)

    We have lots of b&o but mainly the old(er) stuff, so I thought this was about the Avant the CRT tube model, but probably is not. In all cases thank you to you guys for these excellent designs and production that keeps us amused to these days.

    Thank you also for these sets of amazing articles!

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