what i learned last week

1. a fool and his money are indeed, soon parted

2. the legend of the lost city of atlantis originated with a small mention in some writings by plato, some 3000 years or so after it was supposed to have disappeared into the ocean. (this obviously makes it highly probable that plato was just making it up – a theory put forth, possibly initially, by aristotle, and he knew a thing or two…)

3. there is a group of people who believe that a library containing the knowledge from the lost city of atlantis is hidden under the sphynx in egypt, and that the pyramids are actually thousands of years older than is currently believed by academics and archeologists. there is a larger group of people who believe that this first group of people are a bunch of loonies.

4. two disturbing things this week… (a) sometimes, people who think that they’re upholding the law, are simply distorting it for their own purposes. in this particular case, it seems odd that a law that was designed to protect children is being used to destroy them for no particularly good reason (based on my belief that prudish, puritanical beliefs do not constitute anything close to a “good reason”). (b) note, in the same article, that bullying can lead to suicide…

5. it is illegal to import turtles into canada. however, it is not illegal to import turtle eggs for the purpose of incubating them, hatching them, and producing… wait for it… turtles! i guess that canadian politicians have not figured out which comes first, the turtle or the egg.

6. those that remember the past (or at the very least their history lessons…), but think that the rest of us don’t, are idiots.

7. when dropping things off at the dump, i should never look to see what other people think is garbage – i’ll just get depressed.

Antique piano in a dumpster
The remains of an antique piano in a dumpster... Sigh...

8. if i have to explain why i find this funny, you probably won’t agree that it is. (okay… okay… i didn’t learn anything by seeing this advertisement, but i still think that it’s funny…)

Morten Messerschmidt says "Give us Denmark back"
Herr Messerschmidt says "Give us Denmark back"

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