Passion, science, and research


Certain positions at Bang & Olufsen require individuals who can combine passion, science, and research, with the stringent requirements of product-related development. One such position is a ‘Tonmeister’, a German title for someone who knows how to test sound perception and use that knowledge to modify a sound system.

When recording a CD in a studio, three professional groups are involved: a Studio Technician, who brings technical know-how to the recording sessions; the Producer, who has the musical expertise to showcase the musician’s abilities; and the Sound Editor, who mixes the recordings into the final result.

A Tonmeister is, broadly speaking, a combination of all three professions in one and the same person. To combine music with science and engineering requires that the Tonmeister is able to combine musical passion and performance with highly logical reasoning, and the technical ability required for recording music.

Geoff Martin is Bang & Olufsen’s Tonmeister. Originally from Canada, Geoff Martin holds a Ph.D. from McGill University in Montreal, where he developed software that could simulate the acoustic conditions in a concert hall. The goal was a generic model of a virtual concert hall, in to which the physical characteristics of an actual concert hall could be programmed. Geoff Martin first came into contact with Bang & Olufsen through our cooperation with his department at McGill University, where Bang & Olufsen’s Senior Specialist dealing with perception, Søren Bech, is an associate professor.


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