Textbook - Introduction to Sound Recording

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However, I would recommend that you read the stuff below so that you know what you're buying and that you have two exciting purchasing options!

About the Book

This book is over 1000 pages of information on sound recording. It contains chapters on trigonometry, calculus, complex math, acoustics, electronics, physiological acoustics and psychoacoustics, electroacoustics, electroacoustic measurements, digital audio, digital signal processing, and, of course, recording practices (including microphone techniques for stereo and surround).

This book has been growing as an online textbook more than 10 years. It is still unfinished, however, it is close enough to completion that I don't feel guilty about it.

It's as self-contained as possible and assumes that you have no previous background. In spite starting at this very basic, introductory level, I attempt to bring the reader up to an intermediate to advanced understanding of the topics that are covered.

Note that I'm the author and editor for the book, so there might be some mistakes in there - I think that there aren't, but I can't guarantee that it's completely error-free.

How much is it?

Your price to download the book as a pdf file is a minimum donation of $40 US to Room to Read or a charity of your choice. Email me a screen grab of your donation contribution (remember to block out or erase any credit card or financial institution info!) and I'll email you back the download info.

Room to Read is a non-profit organisation that builds schools and libraries in places where they're needed in Asia and Africa. They have a number of different programs, and taking a look here, you'll see that they spend over 85% of their total expenses on the programs themselves, so the bulk of the money is going to the people who need it, not to overhead and fundraising.

What do I get?

You will be receiving a pdf file.

What's in it?

If you want to see in advance what you'll be downloading, you can see the table of contents and the index for the book here.

Comments on and users of the book

"Introduction? A MASSIVE source of info..." - Erwin Timmerman

"...an amazing amount of information." - Marcelo Wanderley, McGill University

"...a great intro to audio electronics." - Michael Gurevich, Stanford University

"Geoff Martin hat in seinem Textbook alles zusammengetragen, was einem Tonmeister nützlich sein kann." - http://schlemmer.gmxhome.de

"...at least as good as anything available in print." - www.josephson.com

Audio Production and Electronic Music, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver

Buyer beware!

Just like just about everything else on the Web, this book is not yet complete. I'm still writing, and I'll put updates on here about once a year, depending on how much attention the remainder of my life requires.

Version History

The version number is listed as the date on the front page of the PDF. This is a list in anti-chronological order so that you can check to see if the version you have is the latest.

yyyy mm dd
2011 09 11
2011 07 31
2011 06 10
2007 05 10
2007 04 29
2004 12 05
2004 08 02 (free version)
2004 03 14 (free version)
2003 11 30 (free version)
2003 10 28 (free version)
2003 09 22 (free version)
2003 09 11 (free version)

Short Plea for Honesty

Please don't steal this book. I set the price low so that you can probably afford it. It's certainly a lot cheaper than any of the books I've bought to learn this stuff so I could write about it, so you're really getting a bargain. And besides, you're not just ripping me off, you're also stealing from a charity (see the section above on where the money goes) and that's really not very nice.